Amateurs attack machines.
Professionals target people.

The most vulnerable target for criminals is not your server — it's your staff: Employees with good intentions open the door for hackers because they have not been trained how to protect the devices, accounts, and other assets they handle every day — especially in hostile environments abroad.

More than 90% of all hacks start with an email: A single click on a malicious link can compromise your entire operation. In addition, weak passwords, stolen laptops, lost thumb drives, and a lack of situational awareness outside the office create opportunities for criminals and malicious competitors.

Most cyber crime is enabled by people who did not intend to do anything wrong, but did so by accident. The only protection against the human factor in security is effective training: Professional coaching of teams and key personnel to help them protect your assets and operations.

“If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.”

Bruce Schneier, Godfather of IT Security

We’re here to help.

Basic security awareness

Our intro-level trainings cover the basics of human factor security and raise awareness among employees for the most common threats against coroorate security in East Asia and other challenging corporate environments.

Advanced Protection

To significantly improve human factor security at your headquarters or branches across East Asia, our advanced workshops offer in-depth trainings against common and more unusual security threats against your operations.

Continuous Defense

As a retainer client, we will provide you with regular trainings that incorporate current and emerging threats against your team, as well as recommendations on mitigating them. A retainer package helps make sure that new staff do not compromise your organization.


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